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    CEN PROVINCIAL MEETING – September 13, 2022

    This was a get-to-know-everyone meeting. There was representation from all CEN’s and good participation in discussions. During the round table, liaisons brought up points of concern: systemic lack of support for documents in English; scrambling to implement revised or new programs, outdated programs, lack of enrollment in programs, industry needs and struggling to adjust to the boomerang effect of teaching online, hybrid and in person. The new CEN organisation and structure were shared, and the guidebook introduced. VT.PROCEDE.ca platform was accessed and documents shared. A late start to the meeting meant that the second part of the meeting, brainstorming PD ideas, was held after lunch and some liaisons were not able to stay.

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    19 December 2022 at 2:07 pm

    CEN PROVINCIAL MEETING – December 7, 2022

    The CEN’s were well represented at the second provincial meeting. The round table discussion confirmed the CEN’s are very active hosting and planning workshops and meetings.

    Ideas were shared on the planning of a successful PD session, along with an explanation and walk-through of the required paperwork.

    Information on effective communication in the
    trades was discussed. The CEN reps were asked to think about their trade in
    industry today; what type of communication would best connect them with their
    trade partners in today’s world.