LCEEQ 2023: Change is the Only Constant

LCEEQ’s Annual Conference will be virtual again this year.

Our fourteenth Conference has adapted the theme, Change is the Only Constant: Nurturing Reflection into Practice. The intention is to continue to reflect but also to focus on putting into practice what we have learned.

The pandemic certainly has had an impact on all aspects of life – none more so than in education. We have faced some very difficult times over the last two plus years, but we have also seen some silver linings in terms of what we have learned about ourselves as educators during that same period.

Last year our theme was: The Reflective Practitioner. We took the time to think about our practices motivated by the ideals of what we must keep as sacred in our educational system as we move forward. In doing so we also questioned ourselves about what we need to reimagine, and possibly leave behind. Our ultimate goal is always the same; to provide our students at all ages, pre-school through University and Adult Education with the best possibilities for their future.

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